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Founded in 2011, Analytcsworx is one of the fastest growing data analytics firms and we have been helping our clients in creating brands, products, and services that enable long term customer relationships, based on the high class analytics provided by us to our clients. We help brands across the world improve revenues and margins by helping them better utilize their data for business decisions and marketing interventions. Our ability to put advanced analytics quickly into a business context and create impact from it, is what sets us apart.


Apsidata Solutions

“Apsidata” means “Niche” and this is a true reflection of what its founders envisioned.

Apsidata is very subtly creating its footprint in the overall Online Market Research industry. Apsidata was conceived in the coffee shops of New Delhi by two Market Research professionals with an objective of identifying the pains of Online MR companies and alleviating this pain by providing niche Resourcing and Outsourcing. Encouraged with the response it got from the customers, Apsidata now has expanded its service offerings to include Technology development and Full service Research services to Small and Medium Enterprises.

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